Tomorrow's Face—The Unique Facial Plastic Surgery Practice
That Puts Years of Specialized Experience to Work for Each Patient

At Tomorrow's Face, our plastic surgery practice is highly specialized with an exclusive focus on one region: the face. That's because we believe a specialist can offer exceptional care when a medical practice is devoted to one area of the body.

The depth of training that Dr. Todd Morrow has undergone, the years of experience he brings to every procedure, the excellent staff that works with him, and the kind of medical practice he has built, all make Dr. Morrow and Tomorrow's Face truly stand out among the many plastic surgery practices in New Jersey.

Unique Aspects of Our Practice
In addition to Dr. Morrow's specialty experience, Tomorrow's Face stands apart from other facial plastic surgery practices for several other reasons:

For our patients' convenience and comfort, surgery is performed at Short Hills Surgery Center, a private outpatient center near the office.
A highly qualified operating team, hand-picked by the surgeon, provides results that are consistently outstanding.
We recognize the value of complementary and alternative medicine.
We understand that undergoing facial cosmetic surgery is an important decision that requires a commitment of time and resources. We offer financing plans to ensure that all good candidates have the opportunity to obtain the treatments they desire.

For more information about Dr. Morrow and our practice, please contact us today! 973.243.1823