Preventative and Restorative Skin Care for Men

Maintaining the skin's optimal appearance and condition is not limited to women; at Tomorrows Face we recommend a basic and effective daily regimen for preventative male skin care, too. This should include a twice-a-day application of a facial cleanser and moisturizer as well as a good quality sunscreen. Exfoliating is the third significant component of skin care for men; for men who shave, some of this already happens.

In men, shaving helps exfoliate the beard area, stimulating cell turnover which results in maintenance of a more youthful appearance of the lower third of the male face. For the unshaved portion, microdermabrasion results in the safe, rapid clinical improvement in the skin's appearance and reduces dilated pores. Resurfacing methods such as chemical peels and laser treatments are every effective for facial rejuvenation because they stimulate collagen production to refresh the dermis below the skin's surface. These methods also provide the tangential benefit of removing pre-malignant skin lesions and preventing malignant transformation of damaged epithelium.

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