Meet the Faces behind Tomorrow's Face

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Tomorrow's Face constantly strives to exceed our patients' expectations by providing prompt and courteous service.

We believe in making our patients' experience as pleasant as possible, and take pride in spending time with each and every individual, thoroughly discussing their concerns, conditions, and treatment options. It's all part of our commitment to comprehensive patient education.

Veronica Place
Practice Administrator/Billing Department Manager
973.243.0600 ext. 237

Veronica supervises many facets of our practice. She helps expedite billing matters in a courteous fashion and she is available to patients regarding any office issues.

"I feel that you and your staff prepared me very well for this week and you all were so wonderful in checking up on me."
- E.O., 30, female, Highland Mills, NY

"Choosing you and your staff for my surgery was the best decision I ever made."
- M.R., 65, male, Old Bridge

"Thank you so much for the excellent care and allowing me to feel so comfortable and safe with you and your staff. I truly appreciate all you've done!"
- A.J., 28, female, Union