Restoring Facial Structure and Facial Appearance
Through Reconstructive Surgery

Although most people who seek facial plastic surgery do so because they want to look better, some people have a much more basic need: to restore their normal appearance. Injury, birth defects, or cancer surgery can have a devastating impact on facial appearance as can the formation of scar tissue. Often the function of facial structures may be compromised as well. In such cases, specialized reconstructive techniques are needed to repair functional deficits and restore a more normal appearance.

Facial reconstructive surgery focuses on repairing muscles, cartilage, bone and soft tissues of the face. Reconstructive procedures may be needed to correct conditions that have resulted from:

Skin cancer
Sports injuries
Head & neck tumors
Motor vehicle accidents
Cycling mishaps
Serious falls
Violent assaults
Birth defects

The goal of facial reconstructive surgery is to restore normal function and form (appearance). Because every facial injury or defect is unique, reconstructive procedures are highly individualized. Dr. Morrow's treatment plans are customized for each patient's specific facial deformity.

Understanding Facial Reconstructive Surgery
Facial reconstructive surgery often must be done in several stages. Soft tissue repair may involve replacing damaged tissue with grafts (healthy tissue taken from another part of the body) or flaps. Depressed, volume-deficient areas of the face may require augmentation with surgical-grade synthetic implants or dermal fillers. Broken or shattered facial bones may be repaired and stabilized with screws or plates. Where bone is missing or damaged beyond repair, bone may be taken from the skull, hip or leg and grafted into place. Highly specialized techniques are required to restore normal appearance and function when a patient's face has been paralyzed from injury or unusual medical conditions.

Dr. Morrow is proud to put his facial reconstructive surgery skills to great use in the Face-to-Face Program: The National Domestic Violence Project.