Chin Implants Build a More Balanced Profile

A weak chin can detract from your other facial features or give the appearance of imbalance . . . and might make you feel self-conscious about your profile. Some people consider nasal surgery but if your chin is underdeveloped, nasal surgery alone won't completely correct your problem. Instead, chin augmentation through implants, or mentoplasty, can give you a whole new profile.

A relatively simple procedure, chin implantation can have dramatic results. The pre-selected chin implant is usually introduced into a precisely created pocket through an incision in a natural crease line just under the chin; alternatively it may be placed through a small incision inside the mouth. A bandage is maintained for four days to stabilize the implant. Sutures are removed at the same time.

Occasionally, Dr. Morrow may recommend chin surgery at the same time as rhinoplasty to achieve the ideal facial profile. Submental liposuction, a procedure in which excess fatty tissue is removed, can also help to redefine the chin or neckline.