Facial Rejuvenation through Minimally Invasive Techniques

Facial rejuvenation procedures are intended to help combat the undesirable effects of aging. If you feel that the face looking back at you in the mirror appears saggy and tired when inside you are still young and vibrant, Dr. Morrow can help you regain your youthful appearance and look as good as you feel through facial rejuvenation procedures using laser and endoscopic techniques. These endoscopic techniques can be applied to the mid and upper thirds of the face, whereas laser resurfacing can be performed all over the face.

Endoscopic and laser techniques allow Dr. Morrow to perform many rejuvenation procedures with minimal incisions, thereby reducing the visibility of scars. In this manner, swelling and bruising are less, allowing for a shorter recovery period. During your consultation with Dr. Morrow, he will inform you which procedures may be performed with this minimally invasive surgery in order to help you select the best method suited to your particular condition and cosmetic goals.

Benefits of Laser Techniques
Advanced laser technology, which uses light amplification to target specific areas, provides an effective way to remove the damaged epidermis and promote the growth of new, fresher-looking skin. The laser device gently vaporizes the skin's imperfections, revealing the new skin underneath. Laser skin resurfacing can reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes (crow's feet) and the mouth, soften deep laugh and frown lines, repair sun-damaged skin, and eliminate some scars. The outward signs of aging are diminished, and the tone and condition of the skin is revitalized. The carbon dioxide and erbium lasers are typically used for laser skin resurfacing and can be used in a fractionated, non-ablative manner.

Patients contemplating laser skin resurfacing are evaluated by our in-house facial skin care consultant, who helps prepare the skin for the resurfacing procedure. First, a skincare regimen is used to exfoliate the skin in order to ensure even penetration of the laser beam. A series of light peels may be recommended to provide optimal results. Before the procedure, patients are instructed to take antibiotic and antiviral medications, which are continued for a period of seven days. Vitamins C and E also are recommended to facilitate healing.

Aside from laser skin resurfacing, Dr. Morrow can use the laser to treat birthmarks or damaged blood vessels, remove port wine stains, and treat spider veins without major surgery. Other types of facial lesions that can be treated with the laser include hemangiomas, warts, scars, stretch marks, tattoos, and rosacea.

Additional Energy-Based Anti-Aging Treatments
Other energy-based devices can be utilized to tighten skin, vaporize fatty deposits, and more. A consultation with Dr. Morrow will determine which technologies are best suited for your individual condition.