Rhinoplasty Re-shapes Your Nose to Fit Your Face

The nose is the most prominent facial feature. When it is out of proportion with other features, it can seem to dominate the whole face. Rhinoplasty, or corrective nasal surgery, can help bring the nose into line with a person's other features; the key is to create a natural-looking nose that fits the face.

Special Considerations for Men Seeking Rhinoplasty
Physiologically, most male noses have thick nasal tip skin that worsens with age, contributing to a bulbous droopy tip that often requires structural grafting. Additionally, because of previous sports injuries, many males present with crooked noses, which are a real challenge to correct. That's where Dr. Morrow's experience comes into play.

Dr. Morrow can reduce a nose that is too large, narrow a nose that is too wide, or widen one that is too narrow. He can straighten a crooked nose, eliminate unsightly humps, reshape the tip, and even improve the angle between the nose and the upper lip. If nasal obstruction is causing breathing and sinus problems, Dr. Morrow can also perform reconstructive nasal surgery procedures inside the nose that can help increase airflow, as well as sinus surgery at the same time he re-shapes the outside of the nose.

Dr. Morrow has extensive experience in correcting nasal deformities and flaws with the following features:

Saddle deformity
Tips that are knuckled, asymmetric, bulbous, amorphous (lacking definition), twisted, over- or under-projected, over-rotated or counter-rotated, tension tip
Inharmonious profile with a retrusive chin or fatty neck
Prominent male noses
Ethnic noses
Noses having undergone previous surgery (nasal revision surgery)
Or any combination of the above.

The psychological motivations of male patients who wish to undergo rhinoplasty must be explored to an even greater extent than that of his female counterparts. Even in the well-chosen patient, the nose has a special meaning for most males, and operations that feminize the male nose make for unhappy patients. Proper screening is essential, as it is for any facial cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic Nasal Surgery That Fits Your Features
Cosmetic surgery cannot create the perfect nose—there is really no such thing. Therefore, we counsel all our patients to have reasonable expectations and a proper attitude about their cosmetic nasal surgery.

At Tomorrow's Face, our goal is to form a natural-looking nose that suits your face and balances well with your other features. Dr. Morrow will consider the contour and shape of your face, the texture and thickness of your skin, your other features, and the ability of your tissues to heal before deciding exactly how to proceed with your rhinoplasty.

What to Expect
Dr. Morrow will remove or rearrange certain amounts of underlying bone, cartilage, and soft tissue through a combination of internal and external incisions, all carefully placed to minimize their visibility. Nasal packing is often avoided. At the end of the procedure, an external cast is applied to keep the new framework of your nose stable and protected for one week. Microsutures placed at the base of your nose are removed four days after surgery.

Bruising and swelling may vary from patient to patient and generally lasts for one week. Discomfort is easily controlled with a mild analgesic. Most people return to school or work within 7-10 days. You can read more about your post-operative care here.

"I wouldn't trust anyone else to work on my nose."
- D.F., 52, Morristown