Improving or Correcting a Previous Nasal Surgery

Let's face it—all surgeons would like their surgical results to be ideal, and all of their patients to be completely satisfied with their post-operative outcomes. However, the reality is that imperfections are part of doing plastic surgery. No matter how good the surgeon is, we cannot control all aspects of healing and scar formation.

Therefore, revision rhinoplasty can be the most challenging of all procedures in facial plastic surgery. For that reason, few surgeons like to perform them. Dr. Morrow has extensive experience operating on many types of noses, including those that have been operated on before. He would welcome the opportunity to establish a customized treatment plan with you in the event you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a prior cosmetic nasal surgery.

Why Revision Rhinoplasty?
At Tomorrow's Face, our goal is to set realistic expectation for our patients who seek revision rhinoplasty. We understand that the patient seeking revision nasal surgery is unhappy, having already had at least one operation (with its recovery period and expense) and now wants to attempt to achieve what was desired in the first procedure. Therefore, we feel the ideal patient for revision nasal surgery is one who will accept improvement over a prior surgical outcome rather than cosmetic surgery perfection.

Unfortunately, the majority of major revisions require significant corrections of scarring, previous removal of too much tissue, asymmetries, and irregularities of soft tissue healing. In some cases, not enough was done initially and the revision surgeon must do more. The plastic surgeon performing revision surgery must often utilize grafts to recreate normal anatomy before even attempting an aesthetic improvement. Sometimes new airway problems need to be addressed as well.

If you are seeking a revision plastic surgery, Dr. Morrow will consult with you on your options openly and honestly.